Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Humidity Management for Your Piano

A drastic change in humidity is the NUMBER ONE REASON why a piano goes out of tune! (More so than a drastic change in temperature.) For best protection, the climate surrounding the piano should be controlled. If a building or room humidification/dehumidificaiton system is impractical, the piano may be protected by installing a climate control system right inside the piano itself. If the room that the instrument is located in has more than 15% change in humidity, having this system installed is imperative. These systems generally cost between $100 and $300 installed and help your piano to last longer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Positioning the Piano in your Home

Your piano should be placed along an interior wall of your home. This will help to keep the temperature of your piano stable--a maximum temperature change of no more than 10 degrees all year. Do not place your piano against a baseboard heater or a heating vent. This can throw it out of tune and dry out the soundboard causing to crack, eventually. Do not place your piano in front of windows and doors. Instead, place it on an interior wall that is far away from drafts from the outdoors. Avoid placing the piano in a concrete block building or on a concrete floor, either of which is usually very damp.