Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rolling Your Piano Across the Floor

Most pianos have casters. Why not just roll it across the living room floor, right? Well, not exactly. These casters were really designed to roll the piano a couple of feet, not to the other side of the house. Rolling your piano across the floor can be a small disaster! This can mark up your bare wood floors with slight scuffing or deep trails in pine floors. Your carpet could become discolored or snagged.

In some cases, while the happy couple is in "Superman" mode pushing as hard as they possibly can, the piano even get caught in a rut and actually dump over on it's back; it's kind of rare, but it does happen. This is extremely dangerous. It could land on someone's foot, leg or even "Whiskers" the cat! Many people have thrown their backs out trying to "catch" the piano out of instinct. (Even a small spinet piano weighs around 300 lbs. and that hurts when you catch them.)

Grand pianos usually have hefty casters, also. If an old grand piano is rolled across the room, it could put grooves in the floor and, in some rare cases, collapse due to a weak or cracked leg. (Grand pianos can weigh over one thousand pounds. It's not worth the risk.)

Call a professional piano mover to move your piano across the room or to the other side of your home. Usually, piano movers will be available in a day or two to come over and get the job done right.