Monday, May 7, 2018

The Top 10 Ways to Devalue Your Piano

10. Make up excuses why you do not tune your piano every six months.
9. Place numerous items all over the top of your piano which ruin the finish.
8. Put permanent stickers up and down the keys.
7. Spill drinks on the keys, then clean off with a towel, instead of having it professionally cleaned.
6. Drop foreign objects such as pencils, pens, candy, erasers, playing cards, toys, etc. into the inside of the instrument.
5. Roll the piano across the room without using a dolly which weakens and sometime cracks the legs.
4. Placing the piano in direct sunlight causing the keys to yellow and the finish to fade.
3. Letting pets scratch at the piano causing permanent damage to the cabinet.
2. Placing the instrument next to a wood stove which may cause the sound board to crack.
1. Getting several inexperienced people to carry the piano across the house, up and down stairs and sometimes dropping the instrument, only a little bit, causing pedals to break, the soundboard to crack and strings and bridges to break.

For your own safety, do not try to roll a grand piano across the room. Even though the legs may seem very strong, they can buckle and severely injure the people moving it. Hire professional movers and stay safe.

Pianos are like cars. Even if no one is driving the car parked in the driveway, you still need to pay to maintain it. If you neglect it, when you go to sell it someday you may find that people will give you a million reasons why they don't want to buy it.

Keep your piano in good shape. It's worth it in the long run.