Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Your Cat is the Only One Who Plays Your Piano?

Ah, pets and pianos.

I must admit, I am primarily a "dog person," but find cats interesting to watch and try to figure out...especially when they play their piano more then their owners.

I've probably worked on around 5,000 pianos over the years and I have seen many pianos that have been beat on by our furry little friends. Damage ranging from a minor scratch on the piano lid from a candlestick vs. cat kick-boxing match...all the way to broken keytops with deep scratches in the cabinet.

One piano had some sticking keys back in 2010 and there was about a third of a bag of "Purina Dog Chow" under the keys, in the action, in the harp and under the pedals. A few hours later, the piano was repaired, given a pitch raising and was as good as new (except for about 500 permanent veneer scratches on the fall board, cracked action parts that no longer available and disfigured music desk which I consider, "animal music-art.")

Cats like me when I tune. They come into the room and pace around behind me, rub their whiskers up against my leg and sometimes jump right up onto the keys next to my tuning wrench.

If I'm not mistakin', domesticated cats are territorial creatures (but I'm not totally sure because I am a dog person and never bothered to confirm this) so I think they are trying to tell me something.

Maybe something like,

"Hey Mister, what are you doing on MY PIANO?! No humans have even touched it in years! I'm the only one who uses it, so WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?"

Well "Morris," I am here because pianos are really "simple machines" in a way and they need regular maintenance.

If you don't start the lawn mower every six months, it may not start in the spring and your lawn will be two feet high causing the neighbors to stand up at Town Meeting and vote against your community pet project.

If you don't go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned every six months, you will eventually be asking your local grocery store associate where the "Polident" is.

AND...if your human friends let their piano sit for years without regular maintenance and tuning, it will cost hundreds of dollars to correct the problem when Aunt Trudy comes to check on her piano this coming holiday season.

So attention all pets with pianos:
Move your fuzzy ball-thing, tell your doggy brothers to get the rawhide bone out from under that pedal because it's time for the semi-annual piano tuning which needs to be done, even if your the only one who plays it!

The Final Score:

Piano Tuner...1

(See you in six months.)

Cat plays piano

Dog playing his favorite tune on the piano. (Hit it boys!)

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