Sunday, March 22, 2009

Call a Professional to Move Your Piano

Over the years, I've heard comments from my piano tuning customers like,

"It took six of the neighbors to get this piano in here and they broke my front door step in the process!"

Here's a should take two men to move an upright piano properly with a piano dolly. Three men to move the upright up or down the stairs. Professional piano movers move anywhere from 1 to 12 pianos per day on average. They know how to handle your instrument, so it's worth the money.

Most pianos are damaged when they are moved by the owner or owners. Dropping a piano six inches to the floor, in many cases, costs about $500 or more to fix.

It is best to hire actual "Piano Movers" listed in the yellow pages, through your local music store or on your favorite search engine on the web. Protect your investment - call a professional!

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