Friday, May 8, 2009

Cleaning Your Piano Keys

Keys may be cleaned with warm water and a weak solution of Ivory soap. First fill a mixing bowl with warm tap water. Next drop a bar of Ivory soap in the bowl and let it soak for about 5 minutes. Remove the bar of soap and your solution is ready. Grab a roll of paper towels, your bowl of your soap solution and another bowl of plain, warm water. You are now ready to clean your keys. Just dip the paper towel into the soapy bowl, ring it out and wipe about one octave with the solution (It's O.K. if a little bit of water drips threw the keys. It should evaporate within a day or so and it will not damage your instrument). Next, get a new paper towel, dip it in the plain water and wipe the same octave again to clean the soap off the keys. Now, get a new paper towel and wipe that same octave and furniture finish near the keys completely dry. Repeat this procedure, one octave at a time until the entire keyboard is clean. That's it! Your keyboard is nice and clean now!

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