Thursday, May 21, 2009

Digital Pianos Can Have a New Lease on Life

How do you handle a digital piano that is driving you crazy?

Call a piano technician who is qualified to work on electrics!

Back in the day, there was the Fender Rhodes, a few Roland's and a couple of Wurlitzer's out there. Now, many music schools are using digital pianos. This is a hot issue with many piano teachers. Some feel that it is imperative for piano students to play solely on the traditional acoustic piano so the student will get an accurate feel for the instrument. (I tend to agree with this philosophy.)

But every year, more and more music schools are filling their classrooms with digital pianos and the beat goes on.

At any rate, I must admit, the touch on some of these instruments is pretty close to an acoustic piano, but not really the same. One of the reasons is, the keyboard has lots of mechanical parts. These parts don't last forever and wear out after a couple of years especially in the classroom environment.

Before you sell your digital piano in the front yard for $50 on Saturday morning, check the web for a qualified digital piano repair person in your area. Many times, these can be fixed in a couple of hours for less than $200.

Don't pull the plug until you have someone take a look at it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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